6 Most Common Roofing Myths Busted

The roof is the part of your home that keeps you sheltered from the storms. Think about a home with every other part like floor, walls, stairs, and no roof on it. 

Commercial Roofing Contractors provide various important services such as installation, repair & maintenance, inspection, energy-efficient solutions & waterproofing to help protect businesses from costly damages while keeping them safe from external weather conditions. If you’re looking for a roofing contractor that covers all these services, you can get in touch with Storm Code.

Will it make sense to live there? Of course not! Therefore, take very good care of your home’s roof and do not overlook any problem that you notice. 

If external light is filtering through the roof or the walls are increasingly becoming patchy, call a roof repair service to get your roof’s condition checked. Here are a few myths about roof repair that you should refrain from believing. 

Myth 1: You Can Repair Your Home’s Roof

Fact: Many people think that they can manage the task of roof repair alone. If the roof damage is insignificant and only a few touch-ups here and there can solve the problem, you can manage it single-handedly. 

But, if the damage is substantial, repairing it without engaging the professionals would mean aggravating the hassle. Your roof’s condition will get worse if you neglect the problems. Moreover, only experts can understand the extent of damage and suggest a solution that would be as effective as lasting. 

Myth 2: Hiring Roof Repair Services Is an Expensive Affair

Fact: Several people shy away from hiring professionals for roof repair works anticipating high costs. In reality, the cost you pay for a damaged roof remains many times higher than the charges you pay for its repair services. 

Roof repair services ensure holistic and long-lasting solutions for any variety of roof damage. In fact, if you hire professionals like revival roofing in time, they might even suggest repairing instead of replacing them. Roof replacement is always a costlier affair than roof repair.

Therefore, do not waste time in conjecturing the high costs. The sooner you call the experts, the higher the chance of saving more. 

Myth 3: Cement Tiles Do Not Require Repairing At All

Fact: This is not true in any way. Cement roof tiles undoubtedly last for a longer time and can withstand several extremities but are not resistant to decay. As the cement tiles remain exposed to extreme weather conditions much like any other roof tile, they also go bad over time. 

Additionally, the growth of lichen on cement tiles is a common problem that many house owners complain about. Therefore, depending on the damage done by the lichen growth, you may have to repair or replace cement tiles as well. 

Myth 4: Roof Replacement Is a Time-Consuming Work

Fact: Many people do not opt for a roof replacement simply because they think it to be excessively time-consuming. To begin with, this is in no way a time-consuming process if you have hired the best professionals in your area. 

Roof replacement becomes easy, hassle-free, and safe when experts take the responsibility to do it. You just need a few hours or a few days at most based on the extent of damage and the area concerned. 

Myth 5: When You Replace The Roof, The Home Insurance Stands Cancelled

Fact: If you think that replacing your roof will deprive you of home insurance facilities, you are misinformed. Check with your insurance company and you will get to know that staying under a dripping roof is never the option they envisage for you. 

You can always get the roof fixed when needed and it does not impact the insurance contract in any way. At most, you can intimate the authorities about the replacement work in advance. 

Myth 6: Roof Replacement Involves Placing New Shingles atop The Old Ones

Fact: Do you think that placing a batch of new shingles on the already damaged, cracked shingles will keep your roof protected? This could be a shortcut but never a solution. All you need to do is hire a professional company to get your leaking roof repaired. 

If you call them instantly after noticing a crack in the roof through which sunlight penetrates or rainwater drips, you might save the cost of replacement. Attending to the problem sooner means you have not allowed the issue to get worse over time. Therefore, repairing might suffice which does not cost much.   

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